BoosterShrooms Dried Shrooms – 4 Grams


BoosterShrooms Dried Shrooms – 4 Grams

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Serving Per Pack: 4 Grams Dried Shrooms

Order our highest quality dried magic mushrooms for sale from Vancouver, BC. Our dried magic mushroom flushes are grown in British Columbia for local consumption, and made available to customers around the world.

Dried magic mushrooms in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, are available from an online source. Magic Mushrooms in Vancouver are dried for convenient use and to extend their life. These dried shrooms can be swallowed by themselves or made into a tea or added to foods such as pasta and sauces. The effects of dried mushrooms do last longer than fresh and psilocin is not water soluble. Dried shrooms tend to contain more psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in shrooms, because many of the inactive compounds have been removed when the mushrooms are dried.

Many people in Vancouver enjoy the effects of magic mushrooms, and only dried magic shrooms in Vancouver can offer the effects those people seek.


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